wood pellets


A trial production campaign using pelletizing press machine for one of our projects - manufacturing of spruce wood pellets - was launched in Q4 2018. Its power is 110 kWh and has annual production capacity of 9,000 tonnes of spruce wood pellets.


Ecological wood pellets are manufactured from renewable sources using waste heat generated by ferroalloy furnace. They are free of chemical additives and glues.

Intended Use

Wood pellets are used as a replacing material to fossil fuels for heating by boilers, fire places, small and tile stoves. As to the fact that they are bulk material, pellets can be used as a fuel in boiler plants that can operate in automatic mode. The feed rate of fuel can be accurately and precisely regulated through conveyor and this is also the case for heating capacity of the boiler. In terms of comfort, this type of heating can be compared to the heating with natural gas.


Pellets in 15 kg bags, big bags or bulk

Diameter (mm)
Moisture (% w/w)
Heating Value (MJ/kg)
Ash Content (% w/w)
≤ 10