Production department - production of ferroalloys, metals, cored wires and by-products, technical solutions
Milan Kelbel
director for production & production services
Milan Harcek
technical director
Bohuslav Vacek
technical solutions
Ján Nota
purchasing of materials & services
Commercial department - purchasing of raw materials, sales of products
Martin Levčík
commercial director
Peter Karetka
commercial manager (wood pellets & by-products)
Samuel Vilček
Radovan Pelach
Financial department - accounting & finance, planning & development
Stanislav Huba
director for finance & human resources
Zuzana Lenčuchová
accounting & finance
Personnel department - personnel, wages, salaries and remuneration
Veronika Majdišová
human resource department
Mária Chromková
secretariat of general director
Jozef Vlžák
IT department
OFZ, a.s.
Oravský Podzámok
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