Simat (FeSiMn slag) is a solidified slag consisting of silicon, magnesium, aluminium, manganese and calcium oxides and is generated as a by-product during ferrosilicomanganese (FeSiMn) production. After solidifying, cooling and excavating the slag casted into layers, the slag is processed into desired size using screening & crushing line.

Simat has obtained a certificate issued by Slovak Building, Testing and Research Institute No. 00025/TSUS/B/2019.

Simat has no adverse impact on environment which has been proved by authorized laboratory Ingeo, s. r. o., Žilina pursuant to Reg. No. 111/1993 of Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic.

Intended use

Simat is used in the form of crushed stones with suitable size for ground completion, filling, backfilling and creating protective layers (protective layers for drainage systems and engineering works), as a spreading material for rough backfilling and leveling of elevations, as a spreading material for winter road maintenance and for recultivation & ground completion.

Packing and transport

Simat is delivered in bulk. When delivered in bulk. Simat can be transported in tilting trucks or railway cars suitable for transporting bulk materials.

Sizing (mm)

0 - 16, 16 - 32, 32 - 64, 0 - 300

Other properties
% of weight
max. 15
Grain size for individual sizes
pursuant to STN 72 1512
Foreign particles
max. 4
Wear resistance
max. 50
Cold resistance (25 cycles)
max. 5
Absorption rate
max. 4
Decomposition rate
max. 5
Apparent density
ca. 1,500 kg/m3
Bulk density
ca. 3,000 kg/m3
Chemical Composition %
30 - 45
10 - 30
8 - 20
5 - 15
5 - 15
max. 2
max. 2
max. 2