FeMn fume


FeMn fume is a finely dispersed powder material of brown color collected by the filtration units. FeMn fume is generated as a by-product during FeMn production. FeMn is alloy of iron, manganese and other admixtures used in the metallurgical industry. FeMn fume is generated as a by-product during FeMn production in the electric arc furnace (EAF). Fumes of manganese oxides and other compounds are collected by bag house filters in the EAF dedusting units.

FeMn fume has obtained a certificate of the factory production control.

Intended Use

FeMn fume is used as a secondary raw material for the ferroalloy production (original undensified, micropelletized, briquettes) and as a secondary raw material for ferrous and non-ferrous metal manufacturing.
Slovak Environmental Inspectorate with Decision No. 5765/77/2020-27815/2020/770010203/Z77 dated August 27, 2020 did not permit the use of by-product for backfilling and reconstruction of a fall zone.

Packing and Transport

FeMn fume is delivered in closed containers or in closed non-permeable high-capacity packaging in the covered vehicles and cisterns. FeMn fume shall not be delivered in bulk in the vehicles other than cisterns or in other way than in the special closed cotainers.